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The Legend Of Griffin



His name is Griffin. The first time I saw him, he was writhing across the floor of his breeder's house, only a handful of weeks old. She preferred the puppy to go to someone local, but a buyer from across the country was interested in him. My wife saw pictures of the German Shepherd litter, and I was instantly drawn to the only white puppy. We called, and were told he technically was spoken for, but they hadn't paid yet. If we came that night and decided we wanted him, she would sell him to us (she didn't like putting puppies on planes). Minutes later, he was tumbling across the floor at me, and I knew I had to have him. His breeder told us that he would imprint on whoever he had the most contact with in beginning, so he rode home in my arms, and slept with me that night. 

Griffin displayed an uncanny level of wilderness savvy right off the bat, and I took him on many camping trips. Our bond was very close, and it wasn't long before it was truly put to the test. On a winter backpacking trip, deep in the Black Elk Wilderness of South Dakota, I got very sick. During one of the longest nights of my life, we hiked for miles over treacherous terrain, in the freezing darkness, with my condition rapidly worsening. Our only hope of survival was making it back to my car. Griffin bravely led the way. When I would collapse, he fussed over me until I got back up. When predators drew close in the dark, he planted himself in front of me and snarled, ready to defend me with his life. A legend was born.

Since then, Griffin has traveled with me on many adventures all over Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Colorado. 

I promised myself I would give Griffin the best life I could, full of exploring and travel, wild and free. We're not fans of leashes, limits, and giving up. We want to share our legends with you, to inspire you to get out there, be brave, and go on adventures.